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Malaria Infections

Kaplan-Meier curves for (A) treatment (spatial repellent intervention and placebo treatment arm) for each subset analyses (B and C) and for all study clusters (D).

Human Landing Catch

Mean (+ SD) cumulative biweekly indoor (A) and outdoor (B) anopheline human landing catch (HLC) averaged over 20 to 24 households per treatment arm - spatial repellent (SR) intervention and placebo, respectively.

Indonesia Data Sets

Primary Analysis

  • To evaluate the protective efficacy (PE) of a spatial repellent against first-time malaria infection.

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First Time Infection PE

Secondary Analysis

  • To evaluate the protective efficacy (PE) of a spatial repellent against overall malaria infections (first-time and recurrent).
  • To evaluate the effect of a spatial repellent on mosquito-human contact using landing catch rate as an indicator.
  • To investigate the relationships between the reduction in first-time, and overall, malaria infection and mosquito-human landing catch rate.

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Overall Infection PE
Human Landing Rate
Epi and Ento Correlation

Peru Study Statistics

Peru Data Sets

Primary Analysis

Human Infections Baseline vs. Intervention

PE Epi Baseline
PE Epi Intervention

Secondary Analysis

Mosquito collections aligned with clusters where subjects lived

Ento ALL                  

Supplemental Analysis

1 Stratified PE analysis on 1st-time infection and overall infection.
2 product application (compliance) rate
3 PE analysis based on microscopy diagnostics
4 PE analysis based on PCR diagnostics
5 Agreement between microscopy and PCR diagnostics
6 Relationship between PE and product application rate
7 sporozoite rate
8 parity rate
9 entomological inoculation rate (EIR)
10 By-species HBR analysis
11 By-species HBR-PE relationship analysis
12 Relationship between PE and sporozoite rate, parity rate, and EIR
13 Human behavior - adjusted PE analysis
14 adjusted HBR analysis and its relationship with malaria incidence rate
Supplemental Epi Baseline
Supplemental Epi Intervention
Ento ALL Baseline
Household Coverage Matrix